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Keynote speaker and best selling author

Whether you need a high-energy speaker to open your event or a strong message to close your conference, John's provocative insights and powerful delivery will resonate and create buzz for your audience.

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About John

His information is both provocative and engaging. His speeches can be an emotional roller-coaster with the audience laughing one minute and holding back tears the next. Energy and passion are the two most common words used to describe John Grubbs as a speaker and trainer.


Executive Coaching

Peer Groups

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Most Popular Workshops

John will bring these amazing, high energy workshops to your organization.

My Time to Lead Series
  • 3 Non-Consecutive Days
  • Effective Communication
  • True Accountability
  • Creating and Maintaining Trust
Safety Leadership Training
  • 1 or 2 Day Options
  • Leading Safety On The Job
  • Creating a Safety Culture Understanding Injury Causation
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John's Calendar is filling fast

John Grubbs is rapidly becoming one of world's foremost experts on generational change in the workplace.

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John's Books

From amazing team building, leadership to safety training, John Grubbs has authored books and guides designed to take your organization to the next level!

Book Cover - Surviving the Talent Exodus
Surviving the Talent Exodus

Click here to learn about Surviving the Talent Exodus - Navigate the Perfect Storm for Generational Change in the Workplace.

Book Cover - Leading the Tribes
Leading the Tribes

This powerful experience explores the impact social media has had on the many tribes in our lives.

Book Cover - Leading the Lazy
Leading the Lazy

As millennials flood the workforce, the rules of business are in constant flux.

My Time to Lead Blog

Read the latest news and useful tips posted regularly by John in his leadership blog.

Screwed Up
I Screwed Up…I Broke the Rules: Discover the Journey Back to Normal

I broke the rules. I’m guilty. I attended a funeral. I hugged the widow who was married for 42 years, and I shook the hand of a son that lost his dad. I hugged a grandson that plays baseball with my son. He just lost his grandfather who he lived with until his death. I know I broke social distancing rules but I couldn’t help it. I guess I stink at this new reality. My need to show love overwhelmed my fear of this virus.

Get Results as a Leader Using Choice Architecture!

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. These immortal words by the great Jimmy Cliff resonate with me and the hundreds of supervisors I have shared this powerful insight about leadership. The truth is, most supervisors still believe in and adopt the approach for control rather than influence. It is not their fault. We have been using the same model for management since the early 1900s. This carrot and the stick methodology is management 1.0. What if there is a better way? What if there is an easier way? What if there is a more powerful way to get desired behaviors from your teams? Enter choice architecture.

Accelerating During an Economic Recovery: Discover a Competitive Advantage!

We are now in a race after two months of lockdown. What does a competitive advantage look like? Those who know “get it” and those who don’t, well this writing is for you. The pandemic has disrupted the economy and companies are racing back to the front of the field. Think of a major accident in a stock car race. We have been under the caution flag for over two months. This is a tremendous opportunity to reset the competitive field in any business sector. This is a chance to win the race. The harder your business has been hit, the bigger the opportunity.


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John Grubbs
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