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Helping Companies Rethink, Recover & Refocus on Results

Every business has a story; a compelling message that must reach both employees and customers. John helps businesses craft their story and build strategies to enhance performance and results.  

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About John

Change is hard.  John challenges business leaders to rethink current reality.  He pushes you to create a new approach toward success.  His hard-hitting method for results is not for every organization; only those truly determined to improve and make difficult choices to win the game of business.  Energy and passion are the two most common words used to describe John Grubbs as a coach, trainer, and speaker.

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John helps government teams measure and improve performance through virtual and live training sessions.

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John provides workshops from leadership to safety at your location.


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My Time to Lead Series - Total Ownership as a Leader
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  • Building an Accountable Culture
  • Creating and Maintaining Team Trust
Master Sales Series - Learn How to Sell in a Digital World
  • Virtual & Face to Face Sales Process
  • Proven Skill Building
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John's Books

From amazing team building, leadership to safety training, John Grubbs has authored books and guides designed to take your organization to the next level!

Book Cover - Surviving the Talent Exodus
Surviving the Talent Exodus

Click here to learn about Surviving the Talent Exodus - Navigate the Perfect Storm for Generational Change in the Workplace.

Book Cover - Leading the Tribes
Leading the Tribes

This powerful experience explores the impact social media has had on the many tribes in our lives.

Book Cover - Leading the Lazy
Leading the Lazy

As millennials flood the workforce, the rules of business are in constant flux.

My Time to Lead Blog

Read the latest news and useful tips posted regularly by John in his leadership blog.

one thing as a leader
Do One Thing to Improve as a Leader

A lack of awareness is common when it comes to the perceptions of your followers. Do they see you as a leader? This insightful question determines your location on the scale between manager and leader. You can be the boss and not have followers. In other words, people can do what you expect and still not consider you as their leader. Having worked with thousands of supervisors, managers, and executives for over two decades, I have seen one thing move the needle the most when becoming the leader among followers. This one thing seems to be consistent yet elusive to many on the journey toward the leader.

Fire them all
Should You Fire the Entire Leadership Team?

At what point does it make sense to fire your entire leadership team and start over? I know this sounds harder than woodpecker lips, but stay with me for a moment. Can a team become so toxic that it is beyond repair? When should a business owner or CEO take such drastic action? Is there value in starting over with an organization?

5 sales skills
5 Skills Your Sales Team Must Learn

The inherent problem with professional sales is the knowledge gap. Years ago, I heard someone say expertise requires the accumulation of 50,000 units of knowledge. The problem occurs when people reach 10,000 units of knowledge and believe they know the subject at a high level while being utterly unaware of the remaining 40,000 units of knowledge.


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