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Surviving the Talent Exodus - Navigate the Perfect Storm for Generational Change in the Workplace

Surviving the Talent Exodus

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This amazing new book is about the challenge facing organizations as we lose millions of baby boomers to retirement. Most companies don't realize that January 1, 2011 will be one of the most impactful days for the present workforce...the baby boomers turn 65. The future of all organizations rest on the shoulders of generation Y (under 30) and their very different approach to work and career.

How are we going to motivate and lead this new generation of workers? How are we going to capture the vast knowledge from the baby boomers before they leave? How will the workplace change in the next 10 years? There are two types of companies: Those preparing for generation Y and those that will suffer because they did not! Will we see the end of the forty hour work week?  Don't miss this detailed examination of the future and the American workplace.

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