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06/21/2019 John Grubbs
Meeting expert, Steven Rogelberg has some research to change and more importantly improve this experience in our lives. Check this out!

06/01/2019 John Grubbs
Someone reading this is thinking it’s too late. I missed my window. I blew it. I am too old. I should have done it long ago. Stop that thinking. It’s never too late to do something great. I strongly believe life is a series of opportunities that often go unnoticed or worse unacted upon when the little nudge tickles our brain. We are going to have a few “moon shots” in life and sadly most do not take the shot. The greatest tragedy in life is regret. The year is 1954 and a 52-year-old milkshake salesman is fighting to get a bulky machine from the trunk of his car. As sweat soaks the shirt under his suit coat, he carries the machine toward the door of yet another restaurant for his practiced pitch to make a sale. He hates the job. He hates the repeated rejection. It is a numbers game.

05/02/2019 John Grubbs
Both of my sons have encouraged me to power up my presence on YouTube. "Dad everyone is going to YouTube for content" they said. My hope is that you will consume this content and enjoy the experience. Listen to the videos just like a podcast. Make comments, like the videos that you find valuable, and subscribe to my channel for new updates and releases! Simply click on the images and share your thoughts!

04/15/2019 John Grubbs
Too many CEOs struggle with making decisions for the organizations they lead. How can decision-making quality improve? What makes someone a better decision maker? How do unmade decisions impact our emotional health? There is a way to improve decision-making and become happier as a CEO.

03/19/2019 John Grubbs
In today’s super-heated job market, companies are stockpiling talent ahead of needs. Sound crazy? Demand is growing while talent in certain sectors is difficult to find. Some companies are getting ahead of the curve by making offers to secure people now in the hopes of having them for the future. The idea may seem ridiculous, however when we consider the cost of not having key positions filled or paying search agencies large sums, it starts to make complete sense.

03/04/2019 John Grubbs
PIPs are the equivalent of dysfunctional annual performance reviews. They are another antiquated tool for mishandling humans on our teams. Before you get too defensive, please stay with me. This is not hyperbole to get your attention. I will provide you with a logical case for rethinking this tool’s efficacy. Whether you agree with me or not, you will enjoy the discussion. Let this information soak a while. We just might identify a blind spot.

02/26/2019 John Grubbs
A CEO realizes a difficult challenge needs external knowledge and experience. The first idea is to hire a consultant that specializes in the area of concern. It is much cheaper than recruiting a specialist to the team full time. The consultant can be used to solve the problem, give direction, and then disappear. Problem solved; or is it? Who is going to help with implementation hurdles as they occur? What if the implementation uncovers issues not surfaced in the beginning? What happens if the problem changes and the plans need to be adjusted? Yikes, we need to call them back.

02/14/2019 John Grubbs
Being toxic is like body odor. We are oblivious to the discomfort we create for others. A colleague described a healthcare Vice President that is a bully as well as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. The first question is obvious. Who promotes these people? The offending executive must be like a blind umpire calling balls and strikes behind the plate. My popular YouTube video, Is Your Boss an Idiot? Five clues to know for sure helps clarify idiocy in a boss. However, it does not share insight into what makes someone toxic in the workplace. Being an idiot and being toxic may overlap, yet they are not the same. Human toxicity is more common than you might think. I poll audiences regularly, and it seems most people know at least one toxic person at work. More specifically, if you do not know anyone toxic at work, you might be the one!

01/23/2019 John Grubbs
Every story needs a hero. Every hero needs a villain. A hero needs a guide or teacher to defeat the antagonist and win the girl, find the treasure, survive the storm, or become the winner in the game of life. Why is this plot repeated over and over in movies and books since the beginning of the human condition? The simple answer is we can all relate to overcoming something, battling something (or someone) in order to achieve a desired outcome. We all get it and it keeps our attention. In his book, “Building a Storybrand”, Donald Miller relates this simplicity to overcoming the noise of life.

12/20/2018 John Grubbs
Culture eats strategy for breakfast! These words from the late Peter Drucker are a powerful indictment for most aspiring leaders. Accountability has traditionally been viewed as a single concept that is desired yet elusive for most companies. In truth, there are two types of accountability and each must be developed independently for an organization to be successful. Building an accountable culture requires efficacy from both perspectives. In fact, accountability has been misdefined in today’s business vernacular. We often use accountability and responsibility as interchangeable terms. Who are you going to hold accountable? Who are you going to hold responsible? When misused in this way, both terms are really about blame.

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