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Work for a Micromanager?

Do micromanagers know they are a micromanager? Are they self-aware enough to know how their people feel? Do they know it drives most people crazy to have a micromanager boss? Can a micromanager be officially diagnosed? The answers are not usually, no, maybe, and yes.

Mediocre Company
Do I Work for a Mediocre Company?

Do you work for a mediocre company? Do you lead a mediocre company? I have compiled 10 fatal trends to identify mediocre companies. They are indicators that you have a problem with the future. You are dying a slow death from the infection of mediocrity. If you feel like this is describing your company, it is purely coincidental. Or is it? Following are the trends in no particular order:

Survive Bad boss
How to Survive a Bad Boss (and Not Quit)

Sometimes quitting is not an option. If you have a bad boss, you are not alone. Discover 10 tools to survive and possibly make things better.

Smart Goals
Stop Doing S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Let's ditch S.M.A.R.T. goals. They infect us with mediocrity. Watch out for the real zombies in life. Learn how to set new goals that drive success in business and life. WARNING: Don't watch this unless you want to be challenged!

Blaming Others
How to Stop Blaming Others

Where we are in life is directly caused by the decisions and actions of our past. Each decision, large and small, creates our current reality. We can easily blame others by not owning our decisions. However, blaming others does not help us. Blame becomes the excuse and we are stuck. Freedom from blame is the most powerful reality in life. We are liberated by the choices we make for the future.

Stop being average
How to Stop Being Average (in 2020)

Is being average, ordinary, or common unethical? How are you showing up in life? How are you showing up for your family? How are you showing up for your health? How are you showing up spiritually? How are you showing up professionally? Where is mediocrity showing up in your life?

blog article image 1
Do Your Supervisors Stink?

I am convinced that most people know the basics of good supervision when they see it or are asked to describe it. Something is causing normal people to become horrible supervisors.

3 types of people
3 Types of People In Your Company

In a typical organization, three distinctive individuals can be identified based on activity, attitude, and contribution to the collective work. These individuals rarely identify themselves as one or another, yet all three persist in most organizations. They do not wear tee shirts for identification yet you will recognize each of them once you read a description.

Good supervisors
How To Have Good Supervisors

How to have good supervisors is the challenge facing many organizations. Previous generations would tolerate bad supervisors because they were raised to be loyal and not move from job to job. Today’s workers do not share this belief.

How to Improve Attendance at Work

Discover how to improve attendance at work. Paying dues or ritualistic hazing will not improve attendance or retention. Today’s workers must be challenged, or they become bored.

What Prevents Success
What Prevents Excellence?

What prevents excellence? This will focus on some common reasons we lose the drive toward excellence. Your team can certainly reach break-through by addressing these individually and collectively.

toxic manager
What Is A Toxic Manager?

A toxic environment created by a poor manager can have a dramatic impact on organizational performance. Toxic managers poison the environment and limit the success of talented individuals on any team.