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employer of choice
How to be the Employer of Choice

Learning how to become the employer of choice can be challenging. Just like the baby boomers before, the younger workforce will have a significant impact on the workplace. First, not all millennials are the same and many consider themselves different from each other.

Reduce Accidents
How To Reduce Accidents in the Workplace

Learning how to reduce accidents in the workplace can be challenging. Safety success can be as elusive to some organizations as the Loch Ness Monster or mermaids have been to men throughout modern history. While most companies desire a safe workplace, the true reasons they fail are quite compelling. In short, most companies treat symptoms while few really determine the cause of accidents. Too many organizations believe the disease of injury is superficial rather than a comprehensive infection of leadership in the workplace. Simply put, people do not desire to be injured, yet accidents continue to occur. Why?

Bad Manager
What Is A Bad Manager?

What is a bad manager? I wish I could tell you bad managers are like the fabled unicorn and only exist in lore; or they have been sighted like Bigfoot but never proven to exist. But alas, bad managers do exist. Like mutants, they are hidden among normal management genetics. In other words, they are hiding in plain sight.

How To Keep The Best Employees – Conduct a Talent Premortem

You need to wake up and discover how to keep the best employees. Your best employee is about to enter your office and give you notice that they are leaving your company for good. It will be polite and disguised as an opportunity to grow or betterment of the family. You will suppress the surprise and hide your disappointment. You will feel nausea and your head will pound. You are in shock. You will eventually progress through all five stages of grief. You will experience denial, anger, bargaining and eventually acceptance.

How To Make Better Decisions

Learning how to make better decisions is a process. Recall major decisions such as buying a home, choosing a college, or starting a business. Decision making is a major part of our lives that shape our future path as individuals. Most people make decisions based on fear, poor self-esteem and a low willpower. Following are ten things to improve decision-making:

John Speaking
How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Speaker?

Discovering how much it costs to hire a speaker can be challenging. Speaking fees vary greatly depending on a number of factors. This article is a guide for readers to know what to expect when engaging a professional speaker. Common types of speakers include keynote speakers, event speakers, and subject matter experts. Depending on your event, selecting the appropriate speaker is critical to the outcome of the event and the audience experience.

love myself
How Do I Learn to Love Myself?

Loving ourselves is critical to long-term, sustained happiness. We must have a foundation in order to be the best for those we love and weather the inevitable storms of life. Without self-worth, we become vulnerable to changes in life. Palm trees build a powerful core and root system to weather hurricanes and erosion caused by the sea. We must do the same to make our best self. Here is how you can learn to love yourself.

The Most Important Job in Your Business May Surprise You!

Narcissists will always believe they occupy the most important role in any company. They are corrupted by their own image of importance. This corruption clouds reality by the misappropriation of priority. Some might think the CEO is most important. They are the savior or the visionary. Others might say sales since they bring business to the table. And a few (with a servant mentality) might say the front-line employee because they make things happen. In reality, it is none of these positions that truly need focus in today’s super-heated job market. If retention is important for your business, read on!

Love Meetings Again!

Meeting expert, Steven Rogelberg has some research to change and more importantly improve this experience in our lives. Check this out!

It’s Never too Late to Do Something Great

Someone reading this is thinking it’s too late. I missed my window. I blew it. I am too old. I should have done it long ago. Stop that thinking. It’s never too late to do something great. I strongly believe life is a series of opportunities that often go unnoticed or worse unacted upon when the little nudge tickles our brain. We are going to have a few “moon shots” in life and sadly most do not take the shot. The greatest tragedy in life is regret. The year is 1954 and a 52-year-old milkshake salesman is fighting to get a bulky machine from the trunk of his car. As sweat soaks the shirt under his suit coat, he carries the machine toward the door of yet another restaurant for his practiced pitch to make a sale. He hates the job. He hates the repeated rejection. It is a numbers game.

How to Kill 3 Sacred Business Cows

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CEO Happiness
Add One Thing to Be a Happier CEO

Too many CEOs struggle with making decisions for the organizations they lead. How can decision-making quality improve? What makes someone a better decision maker? How do unmade decisions impact our emotional health? There is a way to improve decision-making and become happier as a CEO.