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"Your speaking style is incredibly engaging, the subject was relevant and informative, and our audience enjoyed every minute. Thank you for making us look good!"

"I was a participant in one of John's training sessions. As a fellow trainer and speaker, I tend to be very scrutinizing about the way others present. John was a first class EXPERT speaker! He established trust with me almost immediately with his personable style, humble sharing and truly generous advice and offers to help. He has a talent for taking complex ideas and problems and simplifying them to make them easier to understand and digest. I highly recommend John as your best choice when you need a speaker and trainer for your organization!!!"

"John Grubbs is an inspiring and inspirational self-made success. He is honest and direct about what it takes to achieve business success. John is also an adept trainer and facilitator. I consider him a formidable businessman."

"John reported to me as a regional safety manager at National Linen Service where he was a highly reliable team member who in addition to his technical expertise exhibited initiative, interdependence, loyalty, and excelled at every challenge. He has since established his own consulting practice where it is no surprise that he continues to exceed expectations and delivers outstanding results for his clients."

"John is pro-active in his approach to training employees at various companies. He constantly monitors trends in the workplace and the changes in Federal laws that will affect companies and their employees. Mr. Grubbs incorporates the changes occurring in the business world into his seminars, and thereby keeps employers abreast of trends and laws that will affect their operations, and ultimately their bottom line. I recommend John for your next training session.

"My first exposure to John, was attending a workshop he provided at the Texas SBDC conference years ago. I was so impressed with his presentation style! His easy communication style made it easy to learn and retain the information presented. I then knew that his company was a place I wanted to be associated with. Working with John to provide training for a large client has been as enjoyable as it was participating in one of his workshops. It is an honor to be associated with such as "World-Class" person and company."

"I originally met John when he was a customer of mine in the auto business. It was evident in our conversations that John was/is a dedicated student of leadership. As we explored joint ventures together it became clear that he was more than a student but a practitioner of sound leadership principles and practices. I will continue to seek out his guidance and advice."

"John has a great approach and training method. He invests time on the front-end in order to understand the organization and ensure training is on target."

"John displays a tremendous depth of knowledge, has incredibly high moral standards and unimpeachable integrity. His interactions with team members show respect. I recommend anyone seeking training excellence consider John and his team."

John is one of the few who I call a Servant Leader. He exhibits unlimited energy to find innovative ways to help people grow. If a company wants an intelligent, compassionate and knowledgeable trainer/consultant/coach he is the person."