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Teamwork Issues Are Expensive!

What does communication, or lack there-of, cost your company each year? How many people on your team, at the moment you are reading this email, are doing a task that in some way will have to be reworked or redone? Funny, we always seem to have time to do things "right" the second time around. Companies attempting to cut costs during tough economic times makes business sense. Yet, most companies do NOTHING to improve communication on the team. We tend to assume (we know what that does) communication is effective. Think of it this way, what major issue last year was not in some way rooted in poor communication or a lack of communication?

Also, as stress impacts our business, conflict tends to become more prevalent. Many individuals simply don't know how to handle difficult people or conflict. We tend to be much better at talking "about" people rather than "to" people.

Finally, accountability and trust are often optional when teams are dysfunctional. We don't provide activities nor leadership examples to strengthen trust on the team. Following are five symptoms of a costly teamwork disease:

1) Communication exists in silos. People build coalitions that prevent honest and meaningful communication.

2) Conflict is common. A lack of goal alignment creates effort that works against each team member rather than with each team member.

3) Stress levels are very high. People walk around "on edge" with a hair-trigger temper. The higher you are in organization - the bigger your weapon.

4) Trust is absent. People do not work to build and maintain trust mainly because they simply don't know how.

5) Accountability exists only in the latest book to cross the manager's desk. We talk a good talk but we simply don't know the difference between accountability and blame.

Sound familiar? If three or more of these are present with your team, you are spending a fortune.

STAR Leadership Training

Supervisor Training for Accountability and Recognition
Are your leaders shooting STARS or falling STARS?

We have developed affordable training to strengthen the leadership on your team to improve communication, accountability and trust. We will work with your team to design and develop a customized solution to the accountability challenge. We will help your team answer the tough challenges while building a process for improved morale and recognition. Key outcomes of STAR certificate training are:

1) Better communication of expectations for performance
2) Improved morale and retention of the best team members
3) An honest view of poor performers and impact on results
4) A clear and compelling vision for leadership based on trust
5) A certificate of excellence for successful completion

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