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How to Survive a Bad Boss (and Not Quit)

Survive Bad boss

In a perfect world…

  • We would have a fantastic boss
    • Who helps us succeed
    • Makes us feel valued
    • And most of all appreciate our effort
    • Utopia!

Unfortunately, it is a dystopia for too many people.

  • Dystopia is an imagined place with great suffering or injustice
  • Sound familiar?

You may have:

  • A micromanager
  • An angry boss with issues
  • A boss that shows favoritism
  • A boss that lacks appreciation
  • A BULLY for a boss

I am going to give you 10 ways to survive!

1. Confirm you have a bad boss.  Try to determine if there are reasons for temporary bad behavior such as illness or death in the family.

2. Look for the cause of bad behavior.  Is he trying to prove himself to his boss?  Is he over his head?  The point is to understand the cause of bad behavior.

3. Keep doing great work. Never allow a bad boss to affect your game.  You are the professional.  Don’t validate a bad boss with amateur work.

4. Anticipate her next move. The way to stop a micromanager is to be ahead of her.  When he asks for something, say "yes that’s done".  You will diffuse the MICRO in the MANAGER.

5. Put on the brakes. Give your bad boss boundaries.  They may not observe them but at least you tried.  Say something like, "You don’t have to keep checking on this, I have it handled for you".

 6. Stop assuming the boss is correct.  Ascertain if they are struggling or acting out of fear.  He may be ignorant of a situation and afraid to admit it.

7. Step up your game. BE THE LEADER! Make life better for yourself and your peers.  A bad boss may back off if things are getting D.O.N.E. 

8. Look for triggers. What causes her to meltdown?  Is it being late? DON'T BE LATE.  Is spelling or grammar?  Use a third-party application.  BE SMARTER THAN YOUR BOSS!

9. Become a therapist. Use three labels to identify bad behavior.  It seems like you are really upset about this.  It sounds like being on time is important to you.  It looks like you are under a ton of pressure.  These three labels; seems like, sounds like, looks like are POWERFUL TOOLS!  Use them and watch the magic.

10. Learn what to look for (or not) in your next boss.  Make this time a learning opportunity.

Doing nothing will only gain more of the same behavior from your boss.  These tools will help you both during your time together.  I wish you luck!