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How To Make Better Decisions


decision making

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Do you ever just feel stuck in life? Stuck in:

  • School
  • Friends
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health
  • Money

Recall major decisions such as buying a home, choosing a college, or starting a business.  Decision making is a major part of our lives that shape our future path as individuals.  Most people make decisions based on fear, poor self-esteem and a low willpower.  Following are ten things to improve decision-making:

  1. Trust your instincts. In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell shared:  Our brain makes quick decisions that are usually the best.  We often overthink and analyze our way to becoming paralyzed. Learn to trust your intuition and unconscious emotions.  They exist for a reason.
  2. Use both sides of your brain. Rational decision-making is made on the left or logical side of our brain.  Emotional decision-making is on the right side of our brain.  The right side is dominant for most people because it often makes us more comfortable.  Comfortable decisions are not usually the best for us.
  3. See your future. Where do you want to be in 2 years, 5 years?  Make decisions to support the long term rather than the short term.  If making more money is important to you, ask what education do you need to achieve the goal?  Write goals down and chart a path to making them possible – be brutally honest with yourself.
  4. Give yourself credit. We often take past decisions and success for granted.  Realize the work and effort you made to be where you are now.  It didn’t just happen – you made it happen or not.
  5. Don’t let others make the decision. Other people cannot know your brain.  They only know what you tell them.  Get input from others, however, you need to own your decisions.  Big decisions aren’t often made, and we don’t get practice making them.
  6. Consult with yourself. Develop a list of pros and cons.  Ask what you really want in life?  What is on your path to the future you desire?  Do your decisions align with your core values?
  7. Go ALL IN. Halfhearted decisions are doomed.  They are predestined to fail.  We sabotage ourselves with luke warm effort.  Make adjustments as you go but GO HARD!
  8. Get a coach. A coach should keep you on track.  They prevent you from wiggling out of choices.  Good coaches don’t give you answers; they question your answers.
  9. Be the fly on the wall. Imagine giving advice to another person.  What would you tell them?  How would you tell them?  Take yourself out of your life and see how the decision looks.  It is much easier to give advice than take it.
  10. Join a peer group. Peer groups and accountability partners are powerful.  They ask the hard questions and keep us from procrastinating or watering down effort.  This is not a support group to affirm our emotions.  Choose a group that will challenge your decisions.

Apply these ten things to improve decision-making in life.  Decision-making is a muscle, and we must work at getting stronger.