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Facebook is Too Noisy; I’m Moving to Twitter


Facebook is Too Noisy; I’m Moving to Twitter

By John Grubbs


I am seeing trends that should at least cause concern for Facebook.  Young people are leaving and the rest of us are skeptical.  Social media is here to stay.  However, what that media will look like in ten years is certainly up for debate.  Millennials are opting for the short bursts of information with Instagram and Snapchat while Facebook is covered in one viral video after another.  The duration of information is getting longer and our attention spans are getting shorter. 

Facebook is much more difficult to segregate content and the recent addition of messenger is accompanied by considerable suspicion.  I am a generation Xer and loyal Facebook user; however I often find my news feed too noisy (sometimes literally) with videos that start as I scroll down the page.  In fact, I can see more similarity today between Facebook and YouTube than ever before.   I can relate to and understand the younger generation opting for the quiet and shorter information bits (140 characters or less) found on Twitter. 

In case you are not a user, Twitter allows a user to search and segregate information by the simple use of the hashtag (#) which was known as the number sign in my day.  You can control your feed of information multiple times in multiple ways without losing access to everyone you are following.  Facebook does not have the same flexibility when it comes to information.

It is also interesting that Twitter seems to be easier and more suited to the mobile phone.  Some people actually say they “hate” using Twitter on the computer screen.  That seems to be a deliberate attempt to cater to the next generation of social media users and application format rather than the traditional personal computer user.  In the meantime, Facebook seems to be losing my attention a little bit more each day.  I am very confident that if they are losing “me” slowly, they are losing the millennials at a much faster rate.

Facebook is more than likely “too big to fail” however they must evolve in order to keep our attention.  In a market that competes vigorously for our time and interest, the ground is very fertile for something new that just might be the next big thing.  Very modern thinking companies are even using Twitter to communicate with employees and they love it.  These are certainly interesting times!

I agree with you John! I (and you) have young adult/teenage children and I'm finding it harder and harder to "creep" their friends and associates to be able to just stay in the "know". They have all abdoned FB for Instagram and Snapchat. I've actually been "forbidden" to "ruin Instagram for them like we adults did Facebook". LOL
(August 29, 2014 ~ 12:16 PM)
By Lora Hammond