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Is Your Staff Battle Ready?

John Grubbs, Leadership Coach and Author of Surviving The Talent Exodus Presents...


The war for talent is upon us!

Are your supervisors and managers ready?

How will they attract and keep the best and
brightest as the jobs return?

Battle Ready?
Book our 2-Day Intensive Talent Boot Camp
at your organization for up to 30 leaders in each session. Get
your leaders ready for the coming battle. Our proven
methodology will help your teams keep the best and
brightest while attracting new talent for your organization.

You will learn:
  1. Why the workplace is going to war for talent
  2. How to survive the coming storm for knowledge
  3. Why most managers are clueless
  4. Ten fatal trends that can cause you to fail
  5. How to develop a written talent strategy
  6. How to win the war for the best talent
Battle Ready?
Call (903) 295-7400 to book our Talent Boot Camp in
your organization. Our calendar is filling fast.

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