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Meet John Grubbs, a trailblazing authority on generational change in the workplace. With a compelling blend of entertainment and insight, he's become the go-to keynote speaker for prestigious national associations and Fortune 50 companies.

John's presentations are a roller-coaster of emotions, evoking laughter and contemplation in equal measure. His energy and passion captivate audiences and leave them inspired.

Equipped with dual undergraduate degrees in safety and engineering with an MBA in organizational leadership, John boasts over two decades of leadership experience, spanning management, executive coaching, training, and consulting.

As a best-selling author, John's most recent work, "The Wolf Sales Model" (2022), joins a roster of influential books that include "Leadership Among Idiots" (2009), "Surviving the Talent Exodus" (2011), and "Leading the Lazy" (2015).

John Grubbs doesn't just talk leadership; he embodies it as the Chairman of a Vistage CEO Board in Texas. Join us as we explore the transformative dynamics of the workplace and unlock the strategies for success with John Grubbs as our guide. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and empowered on the journey to business excellence.

Companies Served

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John Grubbs in Action

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