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Is Your Staff Battle Ready?

Battle Ready

Get your leaders ready for the coming battle. Our proven methodology will help your teams keep the best and brightest while attracting new talent for your organization.

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My Time To Lead Series

My Time to Lead Series

Making the transition to leader is not easy and it is certainly not natural. Yet most companies invest little to nothing preparing new leaders for their new role. This often results in poor...

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Safety Leadership Training

Safety Leadership Training

Your employees do not want to get hurt on the job and yet accidents still occur. People are afraid of pain and yet they suffer injury on the job. Most safety trainings miss the point...

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Millennials will simply walk off your job and disappear without warning. The old custom for giving notice is more rare than common and this generation prefers not to deal with the confrontation associated with a formal resignation. In fact, we call today’s young generation vapors because they disappear almost as suddenly as they appear. According to Gallup, 89% of employers believe money is the reason most people leave a job, when in reality only 12% leave for more money. This lack of understanding drives organizations to make poor decisions when addressing the growing concerns associated with high turnover. A study by Roger Herman in 2011 revealed that 75% of people quit a job because of direct supervision. That is correct, three out four people that quit your company because of a bad boss.

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