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Whether you need a high-energy speaker to open your event or a strong message to close your conference, John's provocative insights and powerful delivery will resonate and create buzz for your audience.

Winning the Talent War?

Battle Ready

Get your leaders ready for the coming battle. Our proven methodology will help your teams keep the best and brightest while attracting new talent for your organization.

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My Time To Lead Series

My Time to Lead Series

Making the transition to leader is not easy and it is certainly not natural. Yet most companies invest little to nothing preparing new leaders for their new role. This often results in poor...

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Safety Leadership Training

Safety Leadership Training

Your employees do not want to get hurt on the job and yet accidents still occur. People are afraid of pain and yet they suffer injury on the job. Most safety trainings miss the point...

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Business today no longer rewards the stable company or employee; now it’s those who take risks who achieve success. So what makes your organization stand out from your competitors? Why would an innovative thinker want to work for you? Leading the Lazy teaches you how to modify your leadership style so you can maximize distinctive productivity that keeps your business moving at the forefront of the market. As you learn the art of being anti-ordinary, you will begin to see why commonness is one of the most significant enemies you face. Discover why you must develop intolerance for the ordinary and how you can create a multigenerational workforce culture that stimulates and supports continuous change. Millennials are flooding the workforce and are resisting the standards left over from older generations. It’s a new world, and it’s time to make new rules—are you up for the challenge?

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