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4 Healthcare Insights from the Emergency Room and Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake proclaims that he “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and he just might be representing the same sentiment as members of your team do when it comes to work.  It may be a good feeling or possibly something less desirable but the key insight is the emotion of your workplace.  How exactly does it feel to work for your organization?  It is an interesting question to ask.  How does it feel to work at your bank? How does it feel to work at your factory?  How does it feel to work at your hospital?

While in a meeting with a healthcare executive recently, the discussion of job satisfaction and employee morale came up.  He stated that his group in the emergency room seemed to have something special going on.  As JT (Justin Timberlake) said he had the feeling in his bones, I ponder how we can control the emotion of the workplace and can we indeed replicate a feeling as a derivative of employment? 

The emergency room itself is the first revealing insight for healthcare.  What makes it different?  Why might employee morale and satisfaction be higher than in other departments?  Ooh it’s something magical JT proclaims in verse number two.  “It’s in the air, it’s in my blood”, he opines.  The ER is something magical.  It is no surprise that so many television programs attempt to depict the human existence in the hospital emergency room.  Stress builds human bonds.  As humans we are social beings and the need to bond is linked to both psychological and physical health including a stronger immune system.  Yes, we are healthier together than we are independently.

The ER also gives us the release from our own challenges in life.  It is very difficult to worry about personal issues when we are involved with saving a human life.  Many studies cite a decline in human depression during wartime.  Stress in the acute form is good for us socially.  Insight number two is a workplace can promote good stress through challenge and stimulation.  It literally can make us happy when normally we would besad.  Consider the life and death of the ER as a reflection of humanity.  Conversely, a workplace that is boring and monotonous promotes more time to reflect about our personal reality.

Hurricanes and other disasters bring people together and promote healthy stress.  When we focus on the cause...

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