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“With the perennial and emerging changes presented by today’s workforce, companies and managers will be challenged like never before. John’s speech provided clear direction and a compelling purpose about the coming workplace over the next decade. It was the kind of speech every employer needs to hear.”

Crystal Cedro, The Mundy Companies


John Grubbs is on target in identifying coming changes in the workplace and what your organization needs to be implementing TODAY to compete and attract the best talent. He's an engaging speaker, and you'll have better direction as a leader after attending one of John's presentations.

Jane Allison, Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce

My Time to Lead Blog

Talent Score - Quantifying Your Team’s Talent
What is the collective talent score for your organization? Can you measure how strong or weak your team is today? Is there a way to mathematically know whether you are growing or contracting your collective talent? Until now, most organizations simply never measured talent. Organizations measure results and turnover, but have no clue why these results are achieved. These same companies rely on classical human resource techniques to attract and hire talent, but never measure the impact from gaining or losing talent in a collective sense. They rely on systems and processes but never quantify the individual talent that executes for the organization. Remarkably, this lack of talent quantification has never really been discussed as necessity for organizational success. Consider systems and process as one side of the coin while a talent score represents the other side. Executives examine balance sheets and yet they never see talent sheets. 

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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End of Year Training Budget? 


Don't lose those valuable training dollars next year.  Many companies approach us each year to spend their remaining training budget before year end.  Some of our most popular training topics include:

  • My Time to Lead Series
  • Developing Supervisor Excellence
  • Diversity and Harrassment
  • Building Successful Teams
  • Be Positive and Beat the Negativity
  • Discovering Excellence as a Communicator
  • Safety Leadership
  • Developing a Culture for Quality
  • Developing an Accountable Culture
  • And much more...

Call (903) 295-7400 today!  We still have a few days available before we say goodbye to 2012...