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Quit Your Whining!
Too many of us get caught in the dreaded "victim" pattern.  We listen to all the negative people in our lives and start to believe the message.  Society doesn't help with an over growth in entitlement that makes people more likely to wait for help than go take the chance to be successful.  Frankly, I am tired of hearing it!
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The Learning Spotlight 


London Olympics


The London Olympics and Bad Supervision Have This In Common


By John Grubbs

When the security firm acquired the enormous and lucrative contract for the London Olympics, you can bet the champagne was flowing.  However, once the euphoria of getting the contract subsided, the actual work was to take place and the firm was over its head.   It could not handle the volume of work that needed to be done and the British military had to be called in to secure the athletes, visitors, and venues for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Many new supervisors are in the same predicament.  They get the job and quickly find out they are incapable of performing as needed.  When they begin to struggle, they revert to the only normal they know.  Often, they begin to imitate their own supervisors of both past and present.  This natural effort to survive in their newrolewillhave them act in ways they would have never predicted.  And, over time they begin to normalize this new and frequently negative behavior as the methodology to properly supervise the activity of others.





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