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The Situation
Preston is already late for work and feeling stressed by the fresh Monday morning that is upon him. He decides to stop for coffee anyway. The five mile drive to his office seems more like fifty. He is in his seventh month as production supervisor and it feels like seven years. “How did it get this bad so fast?” he thinks to himself. He used to love his job and his life. He is twenty nine years old with a three year old baby boy at home. His relationship with his wife Cindy is very good. And yet, he is so miserable. That faint, yet undeniable sick feeling is coming back and he ponders whether he needs to vomit again today. The company offered Preston his supervisor position because he is a good worker, smart, and eager to learn. He is a very good problem-solver and seems to be respected by his co-workers. A natural fit for the supervisor position is what the company thought. Yet, why is he so unhappy?

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The Learning Spotlight


Lady On Laptop

Dear Hiring Manager

By John Grubbs


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am confused about your frequent complaints regarding the availability of talented people for your organization.  You complain that good workers are difficult to find.  Help me to understand your position and perspective because I just cannot understand your logic. 

Currently, there are people on your team that do not perform, do not show up, and do not appreciate the job they are asked to complete.  Yet, you cannot seem to find the desire or ability to remove them from your team.  What gives?

There are many of us who will very much appreciate that job.  We will be there on time (even early).  We will give you everything we have and we will even help you find others like us.  Do you not know we are out here?

We cannot understand why you allow those people who speak so badly about your company to remain on the team.  You pay very well and have wonderful benefits and they do NOT appreciate what they have.  We are looking for that exact job and will be extremely happy if you made room for us on your team.

What exactly seems to be the problem?  If they are so unhappy, liberate them!  Set them free!  We want their spot tomorrow.  Have you become so cynical about what is out here that you think there is no one left to hire?  There are thousands of us just waiting for the chance to help your team become a winner again.  We are excited about exactly what you have to offer.

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