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The Freedom of Naked
As a parent of two boys, I have a perspective that does not include that of a father of little girls. And while the same behavior may be normal, I have no experience from which to make the same judgment. What is it about little boys and dancing naked? This supposedly common behavior that some may consider unspeakable is not limited to my own two little human examples, is it? There is something revealing about this behavior and the pun is definitely intended.

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The Learning Spotlight

Business People

 The Situation

By John Grubbs

Preston is already late for work and feeling stressed by the fresh Monday morning that is upon him.  He decides to stop for coffee anyway.  The five mile drive to his office seems more like fifty.  He is in his seventh month as production supervisor and it feels like seven years.  “How did it get this bad so fast?” he thinks to himself.  He used to love his job and his life.  He is twenty nine years old with a three year old baby boy at home.  His relationship with his wife Cindy is very good.  And yet, he is so miserable.  That faint, yet undeniable sick feeling is coming back and he ponders whether he needs to vomit again today.

The company offered Preston his supervisor position because he is a good worker, smart, and eager to learn.  He is a very good problem-solver and seems to be respected by his co-workers.  A natural fit for the supervisor position is what the company thought. Yet, why is he so unhappy? 

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