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Is the Baby Ugly?
Well of course all babies are beautiful and there are very few things more precious than a new life in this world. Yet the analogy of a baby to our work is very interesting to consider. It is difficult, if not impossible, to not see extreme beauty in what we helped create. When we work hard on a project or invest a significant amount of time on anything, we become blinded by the emotional investment we have already made. We lose our objectivity and in some cases “fall in love” with the ugly baby we have created.

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The Learning Spotlight

The Toxic Manager

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Most managers are not comfortable with a simple truism that the current condition of any organization is direct reflection of leadership.  In other words, managers are accountable for the current success or failure of the team.  This epiphany is a rude awakening for some and a sad reality for others.  The challenge faced by most aspiring leaders is the brutal accountability that accompanies autonomy.  In other words, team performance is directly related to “who” is on the team and “how” they are managed.  The wrong people certainly influence performance and this quantification of talent is the primary measure of success and failure.  However, the most neglected performance indicator is the environment created by the manager for the team.  A toxic environment created by a poor manager can have a dramatic impact on organizational performance.  The healthiest of plants cannot thrive in a low quality soil.  Poor managers can actually poison the environment and limit the success of the talented individuals on any team.

Can we actually poison the productivity of those we are given the opportunity to manage?  How much influence does the manager have on team performance?  Most people do not realize that sales, productivity, morale, safety, quality or any other measure of team performance are directly impacted by the environment within theorganization. Moreover, it is very difficult for any aspiring leader to admit they are the cause of the problems facing the team. And, it is very difficult for any subordinate to tell the boss...

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