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Does the Younger Generation Think We are the Idiots?
We have all had an idiot for a boss at some point in our lives. For some of us that pain is a present reality and for others it is a painful memory. And, for others the experience is yet to come. And if you ask the younger workers today, the disease is more prevalent in the workplace than we like to admit. The new worker of today’s high-technology work force seems to resist being led by many of the traditional, short-term focused managers and supervisors in the workplace today.

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The Learning Spotlight



Zero Tolerance Means Zero Leadership

By John Grubbs


We have all heard the horror stories regarding zero tolerance policies in the past.  Stories about a teenager being expelled for having a Tylenol in her purse or a five year old removed from the classroom for bringing a toy gun to school are recent examples that have generated buzz in the press.  Most of us laugh at the ridiculousness of such examples and consider them to be the exception rather than the rule for today’s society.  Why do such policies exist and what purpose do these extreme measures provide the organization?  Do such extreme positions provide any benefit?  How does such a policy reflect on the leadership within these organizations?  And finally, what might be the cost for an organization that must act upon the violation of such a policy?

Zero tolerance can be commonly defined as the policy of applying laws or penalties to even minor infringements of a code in order to reinforce its overall importance and enhance deterrence.  This can seem to be an optimal approach to controlling behavior at first glance.  However, when we look at the implications of such a policy, the actual end-result often leaves much to be desired from a leadership point of view. 

The attempt to prevent negative behavior in some team members by the threat of sever punishment is similar to “making an example of one person” in order to scare others into compliance. 

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By popular demand, we have taken our proven leadership series and adapted it for the new  American worker with the research from my upcoming book. 

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  • Day One – Talk This Way - Communicating with Today’s Employee…you will learn:
    • When information is most needed by your team
    • How to “get through” to the new generation when you think they are not listening
    • A proven communication process that really does work when giving feedback to your team
    • How to deliver feedback the “right” way
    • The method of communication that “gets action” from your listeners


  •  Day Two – Hold Me Accountable but Don’t Blame Me for Trying…you will learn:
    • The critical difference between accountability, responsibility and blame
    • How to communicate accountability to today’s workforce
    • Methods for generating more initiative from your team members
    • Characteristics that make a more accountable culture


  • Day Three – Trust is Why We Follow You…you will learn:
    • The number one reason why employees quit your company
    • Why trust is like a fragile egg
    • Ways to build trust with “young and mature” employees alike
    • Activities that limit trust on the job
    • How to be the leader others really want to follow at work

This affordable 3-day series builds on any supervisor development training that may have been delivered in the past.  By applying principles to attract and retain today’s best talent, this course is a must for any aspiring leader, supervisor, manager or executive that wants to be better at getting the most from today’s employee. 

Each attendee will get  over 100 pages of reference material to use during the training and take back for the future.  Give me a call and we can discuss how we can bring this to your team.  It is an affordable and effective way to prepare your organization for the generational challenges we are all facing!

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