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A Little Boy and His Empty Bag
I recently accompanied my mother on a routine medical appointment with her new physician. This morning appointment and the literal change was more out of necessity than choice since her physician of over twenty years finally threw in the towel and retired. While completing the enormous mounds of paperwork required by a new medical provider in today’s contradictory electronic world, I noticed a young mother walk into the waiting area with two small children.

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Surviving the Talent Eodus

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The Learning Spotlight

Business People

 Be Coached to Coach

By John Grubbs

It is lonely at the top unless we have an executive coach to share the struggles and challenges we face as leaders.  Gone are the days of the lonely executive with none among them to trust and confide the challenges and insecurities that exist in us all.  In today’s medicated, Prozac era, more and more business leaders are finding (and sometimes being required to utilize) great success from the services of a business or executive coach.  Past perceptions of the word “coaching” and the negative stigma associated with a last chance effort to save a faltering manager are fading fast.  Today’s high-speed and information intoxicated business climate screams for more and more business coaches to listen to and offer advice for an overloaded, oversaturated and often overwhelmed executive.  More common today, at the airport watering hole, are comments like “My coach says…” or “How long have you been with your coach?” type comments.

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