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Many employees coast through their careers, quietly confident in their position’s stability. However, seismic economic shifts and technological advances rapidly make once-safe jobs obsolete. Professionals across most industries have reason to fear what’s now dubbed “FOBO” or “fear of becoming obsolete.” The reality is that no job is genuinely future-proof - but employees can and should take proactive steps to minimize career obsolescence.

The Rise of Automation

Much anxiety around FOBO is tied directly to automation and artificial intelligence taking over human tasks. Advances in robotic process automation and machine learning algorithms are already automating routine, repetitive positions out of existence. Financial analysts, legal assistants, telemarketers, and even food service roles face displacement by intelligent algorithms and robots. This automation revolution shows no signs of slowing, either. By 2030, AI could lead to around 15 million eliminated roles in the US alone.

Failing to Skill-Up

While automation may actively replace human roles, skill stagnation or degradation also leads professionally to obsolescence. Both blue and white-collar industries now evolve exceptionally rapidly. To maintain employability, workers must...


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