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From Frustration to Inspiration: Sandra's Journey to Engaged Employees

Sandra was frustrated. As a new supervisor, she was eager to make her mark and advance in the company. But motivating her team was proving difficult.

Deadlines get missed repeatedly. Employees did the bare minimum to get by and rarely offered new ideas. Sandra micromanaged every detail, yet things didn't improve. She needed more discretionary effort but wasn't sure how to inspire it.

After another project fell short of expectations, Sandra reached her breaking point. Her boss recommended she attend a seminar on employee engagement. With nothing to lose, she agreed reluctantly.

The seminar highlighted the importance of trust, autonomy, and inclusion for driving discretionary effort. Sandra absorbed each idea, relating them to her team's struggles. She left feeling energized and committed to a new approach.

Sandra learned she didn't need to demand discretionary effort. By building...

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