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When your plans get changed last minute and you're now dining in rather than dining out, do you roll with it or get angry? When your first appointment of the day runs long and you have to reschedule your second one, do you get aggravated and exasperated or do you simply flex and adjust? When your flight is canceled or delayed, does it fluster you all day, or do you take it in stride?

In a recent coaching client Zoom, my client shared that unexpected change -- even something as small as a shift in social plans -- brings on a feeling of panic. In looking at how to shift that experience, we took two different tacks:

First, we discussed The Six Human Needs.

If "Certainty" is one of your top two needs, of course when things you considered "certain" are suddenly no longer certain, you'd experience anxiety. In those moments, the remedy is not to retreat, but rather to LEAN INTO the discomfort, feel it, name it and reinforce the fact that it's not an actual threat, and the anxiety will pass. Repetitively sitting with discomfort is an effective way to get accustomed to it and reduce its grip on you.

Another way to overcome the panic response in the face of an unexpected change, is...

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