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Debunked What Employees want

Why should anyone work for you? Learning how to become the employer of choice can be challenging. Just like the baby boomers before, the younger workforce will have a significant impact on the workplace.  First, not all employees are the same, and many consider themselves different from each other.  With Gen Z entering the workforce, everything is more challenging. Following are quotes from today's younger employees:

 [Too many ugly labels have been placed on our generations; some seem contradictory. We are different, and our culture, values, backgrounds, and beliefs play a massive part in who we are. Wouldn't it be reasonable to say that everyone possesses some degree of each attribute?

"Our generation is viewed in this regard because we can speak our minds, be creative, understand what we want out of life and live life to the fullest."

"Everyone is different. Companies need to find individuals that will work to benefit the company."

"Most people in our generation act for the greater good yet are not recognized for that because our generation isn't known for being hard-working or compassionate." ]

Young workers are a challenge, and most companies are not ready.  The average company will evolve organically, while organizations on the "cutting edge" will utilize this time of change to create a competitive advantage.  Following are eight questions to ask about your organization:

  • What makes you different from any other company in your area?
  • Can you offer me something no other company competing for my talent can offer?
  • What will you do to keep me once I join your company?
  • Will you be able to hire other great people, or will I have to carry the load for underperformers?
  • Why should I work here, if you will...

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