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Being Better

Guest Contributor:  Monica Ricci

I recently wrote about how your beliefs ultimately become your destiny through the chain of thoughts, words, actions, and habits. I asked, "What's the number one behavior you could STOP doing and START doing that would have the biggest impact on your life?" 

We are addressing the fundamental, foundational behaviors that, when practiced consistently, enable you to live at your fullest potential. These foundational behaviors are breathing, sleeping, eating, and moving. That seems like a big DUH, doesn't it? We all do them daily, after all.

Sure, you do them all, but are you doing them mindfully or mindlessly? And are you doing them the best they can be done? For example... 

Are you breathing through your nose into your belly?

Are you sleeping enough and with good quality? 

Are you eating well and in the right amount? 

Are you moving every day with intention (even a little)? 

No matter what other empowering self-mastery habits you already have in place, if you don't give attention to your breath, sleep, food and movement, you won't execute optimally on the other things you want to do with your life. How can you be fully present with your kids when you're tired and maybe cranky? How can you exercise if you aren't properly rested and fueled? 

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