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Mid-2022 is upon us. No matter how the year is going, there are things to appreciate in our lives. My youngest son is graduating high school in a few days. Being the parent of children who loves sports, I am sad about the next season in my life without the constant pull of one sport or another. Friday night lights will not be the same this fall. However, I am thankful for the precious memories.

No matter how 2022 impacted you, it is not over. Whether it brought you the birth of a new family member or the passing of a loved one, the rest of the year is upon us. We can choose to look backward or forward. I can be sad about the past, or I can look forward to the next season in my life without youth sports. We like to cling to the past and the nostalgia accompanying those memories. The following story by Dr. Wilson provides perspective. You can find a link to his ministry at

[Don't Cling to the Firewood

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

They're just a young couple, I can tell. These mice who have taken residence in the woodpile are just starting in life. They've built a nest under the pile of oak firewood I am loading into the back of our station wagon.

We had our first frost a few days ago and had spent several days winterizing our house. So had this mouse couple. At the bottom of the woodpile, their nest would be dry and warm in all but the wettest of storms, ready for the young ones that would surely be coming soon.

These are tiny mice, equipped with miniature jumping legs, their little bodies only 2-1/2 inches long -- if you don't count the tail. I must seem like a huge giant as I deconstruct their carefully built lives, one log at a time.

 They are such cute little creatures, so hopeful for the future yet filled with terror at what is happening to them.

"What's going on, dear?" the mouse bride cries.

"I don't know," her mouse husband answers. "Nothing like this has ever happened before."

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