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Hate Being boss

Preston is already late for work and feels stressed by the fresh Monday morning upon him. He decides to stop for coffee anyway. The five-mile drive to his office seems more like fifty. He is in his seventh month as production supervisor, and it feels like seven years. "How did it get this bad so fast?" he thinks. He used to love his job and his life. He is twenty-nine years old with a three-year-old baby boy at home. His relationship with his wife, Cindy, is excellent. And yet, he is so miserable. That faint yet undeniable sick feeling is coming back, and he ponders whether he needs to vomit again today.

The company offered Preston his supervisor position because he is a good worker, intelligent, and eager to learn. He is an excellent problem-solver and seems to be respected by his co-workers. A natural fit for the supervisor position is what the company thought. Yet, why is he so unhappy? 

The truth about his situation is that he loves operating the machines. He is content to come to work, set up his machine, and produce the products. Preston is not focused on work as the center of life. He is good at creating, but his mind is more occupied by his family and the hobbies this job has allowed him time and the opportunity to enjoy. His new fishing boat has not been in the water in over three months. He usually works twelve hours a day instead of eight and cannot remember the last time his family had supper together. He brings home more money, but...

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