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bad new boss

I have had my suspicions now for quite a while. I knew something was not quite right regarding leadership positions in most organizations. After all, how could there be so few excellent supervisors? How many followers would consider current supervisors to be actual leaders? I have been puzzled by the epidemic of bad leadership, which exists at all levels. Freshly minted supervisors up to seasoned executives struggle to earn the title of leader from their followers.

Looking at some historical context, bad supervisors have been around since the beginning. There are countless examples, such as the fictional character Ebenezer Scrooge and the more contemporary version of a bad boss, Montgomery Burns from "The Simpsons." While certainly exaggerated for entertainment, they are rooted in the writer's reality and came from real painful experiences locked in someone's mind.

What is the possible connection among so many underperformers in the workplace? We send them to workshops, read management books, and see the exaggeration on television. So, where does the failure originate? When I ask difficult questions, I seem to get transparent answers. Do most supervisors dislike the work and stress it takes to lead others? Do they dislike the confrontation and worry? Simply put, do most supervisors desire to be a leader at work?

The latent answer is...

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