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"I will not pay for employees to train while I am paying them to work," said the CEO of a company. It reminds me of the CFO that told the CEO, "If we train our people, they will leave for a better job." The CEO replied, "What if we don't train them, and they stay?" This polarized thinking forms the foundation for organizations' challenges during the Great Resignation.

The idea that the job (with a paycheck) alone will retain employees is unfortunate. The concept of work is evolving as the generations change. Companies must now compete with the Gig Economy and other organizations for the same talent. We have seen nothing like this in the history of the modern workplace.

I utilize the talent retention (sticky) quadrant to assess employee engagement in organizations. The level of appreciation and importance one feels and how challenged an employee is reflects the predictability of staying with an organization. Employees not engaged at work will not last very long—employees who do not feel challenged become bored and look for other ways to earn a living. The idea is that transactional management...

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