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I am a massive fan of David Friedman's work for culture by design instead of culture by chance. He does a fantastic job helping company's transition abstract values into concrete behaviors (he calls fundamentals). Unfortunately, many organizations do not understand what their culture represents to the people on the team. Many CEOs have a large blind spot when it comes to culture. They are too close to see what is happening. It is like the odor of one's home. Others can smell what we cannot.

Can you have a stinky culture and not know it? Why does culture matter more now than in the past? How do we design a culture deliberately? These are all great questions. In Future Focused: Shape Your Culture. Shape Your Future; the authors explore the critical role that CEOs, leaders, and their teams play in shaping workplace culture and the critical impact on a company's future. They share four foundational principles for shaping culture--purposeful leadership, personal change, broad engagement, and systemic alignment. Together, these principles form the basis for how successful leaders and organizations can create thriving cultures.

The pandemic and great resignation have changed the business landscape by stirring the emotions of today's employees. The pause button and reset are making people reexamine career choices like never in my lifetime. For years now, I have discussed the pending death of transactional management – pay for work. Well, the final nail in the coffin is here. Employees want more than a paycheck to stay with a company long-term. So, what do they want?


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