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I recently heard that nine percent of the business world is in sales.  In the last two years, sales experienced significant technology changes due to the pandemic.  TQ (technology acumen) is now a differentiator among sales professionals.  Sales skills are more critical than ever as more entrepreneurs enter the business world to sell products and services.  The term sales professional is more diluted than ever before.  What does all this mean for you and your sales team?  How can you position your company to compete in a world full of business noise?

Sales skills are the competitive advantage for companies seeking success in a new, post-pandemic business environment.  When anyone can call themselves a salesperson, the term becomes less meaningful than ever before.  In a field that lacks credentials for minimum competency, uninformed hiring managers (usually not in sales) get fooled to think someone with sales experience also has the requisite skills to be competent in a sales role.  They believe the resume and assume the stated past is an indicator of future success. 

I will focus on one specific skill I often find missing during my training to prove this point.  As in sports, subskills come together and present themselves as something to be observed in action.  Multiple subskills come together to execute a routine double-play skill in baseball.  Sales skills are no different.  Hiring managers can identify surface-level skills yet lack the depth of knowledge to discern subskills necessary for sales success.

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