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Things we don't talk about

It is 5:46 am, and you make the daily walk to the restroom.  As you shake the morning cobwebs from your mind, you think about the conversation you are avoiding with your sales manager.  You feel the guilt of knowing this discussion needs to happen ahead of today’s sales meeting and the truth that you are avoiding a crucial conversation.  Cognitive dissonance rears its ugly head once again, and you look for ways to rationalize your way out of the confrontation you know is necessary.  These are the things we don’t talk about.

You are driving to work, eating a protein bar, and sipping black coffee with one yellow packet of a Splenda substitute from Walmart.  You think about calling Ansel, your accounting manager, to check the status of accounts receivable.  Some checks are outstanding, and cash flow is concerning.  Will you be able to make payroll this week?  What will your board think about you when they see the monthly numbers?  Are you the best person to be leading this business?  You work hard yet doubt your effectiveness at times.  Should you be working harder?  Your mind jumps to your youngest daughter’s soccer game at 4 pm.  It is out of town, and you will need to leave at 3 pm to make it on time.  The guilt gremlins are attacking your mind.  You question the decision to leave work early when things are not going well.  These are the things we don’t talk about.

When you arrive at the office, you notice Carson’s truck is not there again.  He has not called or sent you a text, so you are concerned.  Check that.  You are frustrated because he is not there again.  The business is under stress, and your key employee is out of the office.  He should have the same sense of urgency that you feel.  You question his priorities and wonder if you can count on him during difficult times.  You tell yourself you will bring this up next time you talk with him and avoid the simple act of calling his mobile number programmed in your iPhone.  Deep down, you know you are avoiding another...

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