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Quitting Leadership

Any seasoned leader can attest to times they thought about giving up. Giving up may seem like the best approach, but it is often the moment just before the breakthrough.  You are tired of the emotional void of having your passion for change go unnoticed or, worse, unappreciated. You want to quit being a leader and go back to the comfort of the past. You are exhausted.

Success gets rewarded by persistence, determination, and grit. Emotional energy as a leader is not linear. We fluctuate between periods of high energy and low. We are most at risk on the extreme ends of the spectrum.  At the peak, we lose sensitivity, and at the low, we lose energy. We need encouragement to stay the course. We must revert to good habits, make good choices, and get reassured that our work will have influence now and in the future.

Leadership is difficult and stressful. Passion is challenging to keep, so you must lead yourself first. If not you, then who? True servant leaders know the work may not get rewarded.  Reward and recognition are not why you keep seeking change or improvement. Deep inside, there is a need to serve those who may not appreciate the work. You can get overwhelmed when leadership becomes something you dread at work.

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