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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am confused about your frequent complaints regarding the availability of talented people for your organization.  You complain that good workers are difficult to find.  Help me to understand your position and perspective because I cannot understand your logic. 

Currently, certain people on your team do not perform, do not show up, and do not appreciate the job they get asked to complete.  Yet, you cannot seem to find the desire or ability to remove them from your team.  What gives?

Many of us will very much appreciate that job.  We will be there on time (even early).  We will give you everything we have, and we will even help you find others like us.  Do you not know we are out here?

We cannot understand why you allow those people who speak so badly about your company to remain on the team.  You pay well and have excellent benefits, and they do appreciate what they have.  We are looking for that same job and will be extremely happy if you made room for us on your team.

What exactly seems to be the problem?  If they are so unhappy, liberate them!  Set them free!  We want their spot tomorrow.  Have you become so cynical about what is out there that you think there is no one left to hire?  There are thousands of us just waiting for the chance to help your team become a winner again.  We are excited about exactly what you have to offer.

We continually hear about the shortage of good workers, yet you employ the worst kind.  You pay those who do not appreciate you, your organization or the products and services you provide.  You attempt to motivate the very people who speak the worst about you.  You paint this excellent image to the public, yet you keep the darkest of attitudes on your team.  That paradox is very confusing looking “in” from the “outside.” 

We are excited about the growth potential and learning opportunities your company has to offer.  You have more going for you than you probably know, and we are eager to join your team.  You settle for underperformance when there are those of us who can take you to that next level.  You attempt to teach people that have no desire to learn.  You try to coach people who have no desire to play.  You attempt to lead people that have no desire to follow.  We are right here!

Our positive attitude and willingness to learn quickly will help you brighten every day of your life.  We are going to scream and dance if we get that job.  But you keep those who moan and groan every day.  Why do they deserve the job, and we do not get...

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