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Your competition is lazy, and you can sense it.  Others desire a return to normalcy.  Not you.  You see an opportunity to exploit weakness.  There may never be a better time to attack your competitive enemies.  You are the warrior CEO, and the window for taking offensive action will not be open long.  Do not allow this pandemic to go to waste.

A kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead be brought back to life. "-Sun Tzu

The warrior mindset is not for everyone.  Business tends to be more passive than active, and big corporations move slow and react even slower.  They seek peace and tranquility.  Unfortunately, small business mimics the big business as the model for success.  This approach is a flawed strategy.  Big business has mass and can withstand the constant attack from smaller competitors.  Small to medium size companies are fighting to grow large enough to survive.  They must attack to survive.

The warrior CEO understands business is war.  Lonnie Ogulnick shares three rules for warrior CEOs.  The first rule, take action when it benefits your business.  Do not follow the proverbial herd to slaughter.  Just because others are doing something does not make the strategy optimal for your business.  If all your competitors are doing the same things, you should likely do something altogether different. 

Differentiation is a common denominator for successful businesses, yet it is so challenging to articulate.  After coaching many sales reps, I have found differentiation to be highly elusive.  During a recent coaching call with an experienced sales rep, I asked what made the company different from its competitors?  Upon hearing her answer, I asked if she would say the same things if she worked for the competition?  Her response (drum roll) was yes!  Differentiation is the job of the warrior CEO, not the sales rep.  Relying on the sales rep to differentiate is like depending on a ten-year-old to pay the mortgage.  It is not impossible, but it is much more challenging to achieve success.

Rule number two is...

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