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Business is struggling to overcome obscurity in a vast ocean of competition for attention.  In a virtual world, getting noticed can be challenging.  Not to be cliché, but the struggle is real.  As I help businesses recover and rethink reality, people seem to react to the environment instead of leveraging opportunity.  Too many companies are simply waiting or hoping for the market they serve to determine their future.  This strategy is a colossal mistake at worst and a missed opportunity at best.  You can control your future, and you can use the winds (no matter the direction) to your advantage.

The problem I notice often is timidity.  When facing uncertainty, business leaders are hesitating.  This hesitation is resulting in missed opportunities and underwhelming results.  Whether you lack confidence or you are indecisive, taking a timid approach is a problem.  You think it is better to go slow and feel things out before committing to a new direction or a new opportunity.  Is this an excuse for not taking bold action?  Is hesitation a symptom of your lack of confidence?  How does your team react to your timidity as a leader?

The antidote to timidity is boldness.  Take action with courage that forces you out of your comfort zone.  2020 was a wake-up call for some and validation of excuses for others.  Someone reading this is still making the pandemic a reason for not taking action.  Others are using the pandemic as a springboard for taking massive action.  As always, it is a choice.  You cannot control the past, but you can...

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