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3 types of people

In a typical organization, three distinctive individuals can be identified based on activity, attitude, and contribution to the collective work.  These individuals rarely identify themselves as one or another, yet all three persist in most organizations.  They do not wear tee shirts for identification yet you will recognize each of them once you read a description.  Ironically, the separation of these identity groups is never really discussed or acknowledged.  Self-examination and a candid workforce will help you discover where most of the team members fall within this analysis.

One specific identity group is best described as “Seaweed”.  Just as seaweed does in nature, these individuals simply move with the current.  They go with the flow.  They exert nothing positive or influential and offer little resistance to either positive or negative situations within the organization.  They do not “rock the boat”.  They come to work and do the job they are paid to perform. 

Seaweed is necessary to your organization.  They provide the bulk of effort to get things done.  No fanfare or exciting changes result from daily grind they deliver.  Call them the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry.  They are nothing fancy yet dependable.  They are humbled by their own mediocrity.  They will rarely speak up in the face of potential organizational failure.  They are like sheep and will move in whatever direction they are pushed.

Another identity group for your organization is known as the “C.A.V.E. people”.  Cave is an acronym for Citizens Against Virtually Everything.  They are rarely excited about anything and resist effort to change or improve the organization.  Nothing the organization does will satisfy their preoccupation with negativity.  They wallow in the muck of cynicism.  They are eternal pessimists that do not see a positive outcome.  Their half-empty perspective is more than that of devil’s advocate.  This group seems to enjoy the perpetual failures of the organization as a way of confirming the same negative sentiment.  They are bitter and distrustful.  They have a contemptuous attitude that others recognize but do not really understand. 

Cave people are the complainers.  This tendency to complain is not constructive.  Nothing will ever work to improve things.  We are all doomed to certain and eventual failure.  If given a crisp fifty dollar bill, the cave people would complain because they did not receive two twenties and ten dollar bill.

The third identity group is...

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I'm always amazed at how fun you can make learning!

Tessa Conrad, Pak-Sher

Your excitement and energy as a speaker is amazing.  Hearing you speak on your years of experience and insights on leadership and generational change was very relevant and something that we can all learn from and apply to our organizations. 

Cliff McDaniel, Louisiana CPA Oil and Gas Conference

It was the best presentation that I have attended so far, You are the best speaker ever . I am so impressed that I have ordered 2 of your books on Amazon.  So thank you for making a difference in people’s personal and professional lives. 

Lovely Chandla, Hilton

John Grubbs' keynote message is powerful! John is able to clearly convey his knowledge and foresight on the generational changes that affect ALL of us. I had many A-ha moments with his vivid examples. We continue to talk about what his message taught us to this day. You will have to reach for a tissue to wipe tears of emotion and laughter. John's message is memorable and inspirational!

Maria Gallegos, Texas Chemical Council

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