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07/08/2010   Most CEOs come from three functions in most companies –sales, finance and operations. Ever wonder why so few human resources (HR) executives are chosen to sit in the corner office? Has the position of HR been devalued to an ancillary function on the executive team? If so, how did it get this way?   Read more...---



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It’s Alive!  Amazing Customer Service is Not Extinct

By John Grubbs

I am optimistic by nature and my cynical side is often suppressed to the point of being clueless according to people close to me.  Amazingly, when it comes to customer service, I am very critical of most organizations.  I do pay attention and take note of very small details about the service I and others receive.  I have expectations that I be treated like I hope to treat the customers that I serve in my own business.  I notice and make mental note of so many poor examples of good service that I am shocked when I do come across one of these shining examples of excellence.

Why is amazing customer service so rare?  Why do most companies seem to not care about repeat business?  How did it come to pass that great service is optional?  I know what you might be thinking.  It is not optional in “my” business.  “We” deliver great customer service!  Unfortunately, we are (more than likely) simply mistaken.  Our customers are not satisfied and simply put up with our mediocrity or quietly go elsewhere to spend money.

Somehow we have become conditioned to be “underserved” to the point that we are surprised when service is exceptional.  Great service is simply the exception rather than the rule.  How often do you feel very special when being served?  How often do you feel like you are getting more than you expected?

Even more mind-blowing for me as a customer service training provider is that great service is absolutely within the reach of all companies.  Yes, any company (with a little help and a strong commitment) can indeed “knock the socks” of its customers with amazing service.

I recently experienced amazing service while conducting difficult research for five days and four nights.  This hard work and exhaustive effort (in the name of work) was on a Disney Cruise.  I know what you might be thinking.  Yeah right!  That really sounds like hard work to me.  And, you would be correct!  It was such a pleasure and we enjoyed it very much.  But let’s explore why Disney has the answer to the customer service riddle.  Let’s analyze the reasons behind the service that we call all apply to our businesses.

While amazing, the ship called the Disney Wonder was not the entire reason for the great experience.  There are very specific methods that you can apply in your business to create the same Disney magic for your organization.  We will share easy ways to get started on the path toward “World-Class Customer Service” that every organization can implement immediately. 

Make a deliberate effort to empower your team to provide whatever possible to make the experience with your company amazing.  The experience (how you made them feel) is the first key to unlock amazing service for your customers.  When they leave your business, they will remember how you made them feel more than anything.  Is it blah? Or worse, do they feel mistreated?  With a little extra effort you can make them feel amazing!

The customer service experience hinges on the lowest level of experience they remember.  In other words, nine people on your team can provide amazing service, but the only thing human nature will remember is the one person that treated them badly.  The solution for the experience is teamwork that validates your service is a collective effort.  Following are some quick tips for amazing success:

1) Make the customer feel “big” no matter how small they are for your business.

2) The little things really matter – your actions and appearance contribute to whether or not you get more business from them.

3) Go the extra mile – “wow them” with something they did not expect or pay for and you will get them hooked on your business.  In other words…under promise and over deliver!

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