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Thank You for NOT Reading My Stuff!

If you are like most of us that make regular deposits into the world of knowledge through social media, we like to check and recheck and then check again to see who is reading, liking, and sharing our posts.  And just when you think you have written the most amazing and insightful article or blog post, we check even more often for feedback and comments. We look into the abyss and crave that tiny bit of validation, that affirmation that what we said is indeed meaningful to the potential reader.  Well crap – nothing!

So this occasional snubbing has served to reenergize my writing style and my content.  I had to take a long, hard look in the figurative mirror and admit something to myself.  If people do not get consumed by my writing, it’s on me.  Just because I think it is sexy and amazing does not mean the reader does also.  I must be blinded by my love of my content just like a mother is blinded to the reality of an ugly baby.  Yes, there are some butt-ugly children out there.

That’s right! I had to admit to myself (insert sigh emoji here) that if my information was actually compelling someone would read, like, comment, and share that baby.  Hell, an attractive woman can just post a picture on LinkedIn and three hundred people will like and comment on it.  So, let us get back to the cause for my gratitude.  My reflection on the matter reveals (unwillingly) that it cannot be the reader’s lack of interest or indifference that produces apathy toward my content.  Holy cow!  It must be me.  My epiphany is that I need to up my game, improve my style, do better research, and find a better angle to present my information.   I must confront the reality of mediocrity and attack it with a renewed energy and focus.  In other words, I need to stop holding back.  Each article or blog post, while born in my own mind is beautiful, will simply not be beautiful in the minds of all my readers.

Just like I teach in my leadership classes, trying to please everyone eventually ends up pleasing nobody.  Writing is no different.  If I write in a way that attempts to please all my readers...

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