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Stop Whining…Here’s Why Good People Bail!

In the 1983 movie Never Say Never Again, Fatima Blush (I just love how that name sounds) told James Bond that she was a superior woman.  At the time she was pointing a gun at well, if you saw the movie you know exactly where she was aiming.  Her candid declaration of superiority supported her extreme confidence as the villainess in Ian Fleming’s masterpiece.  Fatima (give me a moment to soak the name in again) represents the epitome of beauty and strength along with a slightly higher dose of human insecurity that to some degree exists in each of us.  No matter how strong or beautiful one might be; there are certain needs that make us human.  Most organizations are unconcerned about individual needs and this is where they are missing tremendous opportunity for talent.

You can decide whether the lack of concern is based on ignorance, arrogance, or both.  Either way the results are the same.   People want to belong to something great.  If your organization exists merely for the transaction of work for pay, brothers and sisters you have work to do.  You are in crisis and do not realize it.  Transactional managers are becoming extinct in great organizations.  They are quickly being filtered intothe clueless organizations that simply do not “GET IT”. 

It is even more remarkable that difficult challenges that support a higher cause are more attractive to today’s talent than a higher paying job that literally bores the paint off the walls.  Wake up!  The allure of combat and potential death in the service of something greater is not new to the millennial generation.  It is part of being human to seek the hyperarousal of combat to stimulate the brain.  The hormone oxytocin in our brainmakes us happy.  Good stress resonates and we feel satisfied.

We can certainly provide more than a payroll check to make people desire to belong to our organization.  Good people often bail because your organization is boring and provides no other satisfaction than compensation. 


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