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The Learning Spotlight

4 Simple Ways to Lead Like a Rockstar!

A Corporate Leadership Council study revealed that 87 percent of engaged employees are less likely to leave the job. Another study by Kenexa of sixty-four companies discovered that organizations with high engagement had twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees have poor engagement. How to improve employee engagement is the riddle most companies are trying to solve.

Teaching supervisors to be more than the one-dimensional “superoperator” (superoperators are simply the best at what they did prior to accepting a new role as boss) of the past requires work and repetition, along with a desire to improve. The position of frontline supervisor, more than any other, can make or break retention goals for any organization. I have discovered some simple strategies that can be taught. With practice and encouragement, supervisors can improve retention for their organization.

  1. Communicate for a Connection

We cannot assume that supervisors understand how to communicate and connect with subordinates. Using a simple activity, we can show them how to create empathy for those they manage. Teaching them how to invest in their employees and listen to life’s background music is necessary to make the employee feel valued. This requires practice and repetition, just like learning to catch a fly ball in baseball. When role-modeled by upper management, this frontline empathy grows organically in successful organizations.

  1. Give Feedback Regularly

I discovered long ago that most people really want to do a good job. When we care about our performance, we need regular feedback to validate our actions. The broken and outdated annual performance appraisal simply is not enough to feed those employees who want to perform at the highest level. As an executive coach, I have learned that even the most seasoned executives do not know that there is a five-step process for delivering feedback. While smart and capable, they were never taught how to share feedback with employees and have survived by “winging it” in the past. These easy-to-learn methods are tools that supervisors can employ to deliver both positive and constructive feedback.




Retaining Employees Today (One Day Workshop)

Based on the popular new book "Leading the Lazy"

  • Communication strategies for today’s employee
  • Performance accountability rather than blame
  • Develop a coaching mindset for your team
  • Encourage innovation and an independent initiative
  • Promote a healthy dialogue for process improvement
  • Maintain a servant leadership approach as a critical skill
  • Place emphasis on excellence as a best practice
  • Turn failure into learning opportunities
  • Take responsibility for the collective morale of the team
  • Show appreciation as a key motivator for success

The key outcome of the class is retaining top performers (who have a choice on where to work) based on the fact that 75% of people quit a job because of supervision.  It is an intense and comprehensive examination of the role supervisors (at all levels) play in talent retention.

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