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2-Day Talent Boot Camp Testimonials

“Since our supervisors and managers attended the “Talent Boot Camp” training, we are better poised to recruit and retain millennials.  Additionally, our supervisors are more aware of the generational differences and how to effectively communicate and motivate the various groups.  John customized the training specifically to our company and while the training was insightful, we also had fun!”

John Grubbs has provided a number of talent boot camps for our company recently and we always receive glowing feedback from the program participants.  He is warm, engaging, relatable, and entirely relevant for today's workforce.  He knows his subject inside and out and injects appropriate humor into each session.  Any company would benefit from his services.


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2-Day Talent Boot Camp

  • Why is there a pending war for talent
  • How does an organization survive the storm for knowledge as the baby boomers retire
  • Most managers are clueless and have no plan
  • Ten fatal trends that can impact most organizations
  • Why is developing a written talent strategy so critical
  • Develop actions to win the talent wars


The first day is based on concepts in my book that describes today’s emerging worker in great detail.  Moreover, we discuss how the workplace evolved and why we have to lead differently today.  The second day contains brainstorming and activities designed to leave your organization with clear action items for becoming an employer of choice in your community. 

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