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“With the perennial and emerging changes presented by today’s workforce, companies and managers will be challenged like never before. John’s speech provided clear direction and a compelling purpose about the coming workplace over the next decade. It was the kind of speech every employer needs to hear.”

Crystal Cedro, The Mundy Companies


John Grubbs is on target in identifying coming changes in the workplace and what your organization needs to be implementing TODAY to compete and attract the best talent. He's an engaging speaker, and you'll have better direction as a leader after attending one of John's presentations.

Jane Allison, Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce


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Steve really does need to be fired!
Steve in particular is a problem. He is a mid-level manager at the branch and now reports directly to Edward. Steve has learned the branch business well and can play the political game to gain an advantage for his own agenda. He is outright sarcastic and cynical to most people while cooperative and understanding to Edward. Steve’s survival skills are legitimate. He has learned to kill ideas and proposals that he does not favor by little or no action. With great skill, he can sabotage any idea that he deems non-beneficial to him and his current view of normality. Change is not something he desires as he has become quite comfortable in the world of now.

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A Desire to Lead?

I have had my suspicions now for quite a while.  I knew something was not quite right when it came to leadership positions in most organizations.  After all, how could there be so few excellent supervisors?  How many followers would consider current supervisors to be actual leaders?  I have been puzzled by the epidemic of bad leadership and it exists at all levels.  Freshly minted supervisors all the way up to seasoned executives are all struggling to earn the title of leader from their followers.

Looking at some historical context, bad supervisors have been around since the beginning.  There are countless examples such as the fictional character, Ebenezer Scrooge and the more contemporary version of a bad boss, Montgomery Burns from “The Simpsons”.  While certainly exaggerated for entertainment, they are rooted in the reality of the writer and came from real painful experiences locked in someone’s mind.

In reality, what is the possible connection among so many underperformers in the workplace?  We send them to workshops, they read management books, and they see the exaggeration on television.  So where does the failure come from?  When I ask the difficult questions, I seem to get transparent answers.  Do most supervisors dislike the work and stress that it takes to lead others?  Do they dislike the confrontation and worry? Simply put, do most supervisors desire to be a leader at work?

The latent answer is a resounding “No”!  It takes a rare individual indeed to like these activities.  So why take the job?  Reality is rooted in our fundamental need to self-actualize as Maslow has told us.


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My Time To Lead Series 

Making the transition to leader is not easy and it is certainly not natural. Yet
most companies invest little to nothing preparing new leaders for their new
role. This often results in poor morale and higher turnover since many
people just replicate what they have seen in the past. This leadership "gap"
is prevalent in most companies. Our new and updated leadership series
prepares leaders for this new role. Our 3-day leadership series
(non-consecutive days) includes an 86 page work book and a copy of
“Listen Up Leader”.
We cover leadership essentials such as:
• Making the leap from co-worker to supervisor
• Learn the difference between communication and effective communication
• Differentiate between accountability and blame
• Set goals to communicate accountability as a supervisor
• Recognize the essential nature of trust
• Create an environment that promotes trust in the workplace
CALL (903) 295-7400 to book this series for your organization.  Our calendar is filling fast!